Product Description

  • This is the flybarless version of the TS-Rex 550E combo from Aligm. This exciting mid-sized heli features a newly designed aerodynamically efficient metal main blade control system with high rigidity and superior control precision, and a new lightweight high precision main gear, with excellent balance and stability. A new lightweight metal gear hub and lightweight rigid metal main shaft bearing blocks all add up to a lightweight and powerful heli with extreme performance and flight times! 

    Flight duration:25-30 minutes

    Remote control distance:Height: 500m/Flight distance:7km

    Speed:Sports Mode: 30 mph/Standard mode: 12.4 mph



      • Allow the 3GX system to initialize after power up, which is indicated by a rapid up-down-up motion of the swashplate. Proper initialization is represented with green LED on the 3GX. As I flipped the idle up switch, the Talon ESC smoothly spun up the rotor with its excellent soft start function. As it reaches full speed, a gentle push of collective stick brought the helicopter into a stable hover. As expected, no trim adjustments were needed if 3GX was setup properly. The 550E DFC just sat there in a comfortable hover.
      • A quick circuit around the field exhibited increased forward flight speed, as expected from the low drag DFC head and improved 600MX motor. The 550E DFC tracked perfectly through the corners, with noticeably higher control precision. Similar to other DFC equipped TS-Rex helicopters, the collective and cyclic response are noticeably quicker. Stationary flips and rolls are fast and stable, with no noticeable wobbles. Tic-tocks are crisp and precise. The new 2.1 software in 3GX contains improved pirouetting compensation routine, which results in stable pirouetting maneuvers at all orientations
      With all servos connected to the Aligm 3GX flybarless system, a single servo wire was used to connect it to the Futaba S-Bus receiver for a very clean install. Setting of the 3GX system consists of a few steps done with the 3GX push button and transmitter stick:
      • DIR mode basically bypass the flybarless system, so you can check for proper control direction, cyclic pitch (must be set to 8 degrees), and collective pitch (set to +/- 12 degrees).
      • Set the elevator travel limit and gyro direction
      • Set the aileron travel limit and gyro direction

      550E FBL Specifications: 

      Basically it flies like a big bird (very stable), and it has tonnes of power available at your finger tips. When first building the heli, I opted for the advanced settings, i.e. Full 14/15 degrees pitch and 14 degrees cyclic

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      • Length: 1042mm
      • Height: 374mm
      • Main Blade Length: 520mm
      • Main Rotor Diameter: 1188mm
      • Tail Rotor Diameter: 254mm
      • Motor Drive Gear: 16T
      • Main Drive Gear: 170T
      • Auto-rotation Tail Drive Gear: 180T
      • Tail Drive Gear: 40T
      • Drive Gear Ratio: 1:10.62:4.5
      • Weight(With Motor): 1970g
      • Flying Weight: Approx. 2900g

      TS-Rex 550E Flybar Combo Includes: 

      • 1 - TS-REX 550E Kit
      • 1 - 3G Electronic stabilization system
      • 1- Aluminum Tail Boom
      • 1- Set of 520 Carbon Fiber Blades
      • 1- 600MX Brushless Motor
      • 1- RCE-BL70G Brushless ESC
      • 3- DS610 standard servos
      • 1- DS620 Specialized servo
      • 1- Set of 90mm 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Blades  


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